Top 4 Cryptocurrencies Payment Gateways in 2021

Cryptocurrencies Payment Gateways
Payment gateways that are compatible with cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular as crypto takes the world by storm. No longer are these currencies purely for trading with, people are actually looking to spend their crypto on real-world items. Below are four of the top payment gateways that accept crypto in 2021.


Coinbase is the biggest Bitcoin exchange in the U.S. and is also one of the largest global cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform can be used as a normal exchange bit also as a payment gateway. It can instantly convert Bitcoin into fiat currency without needing a merchant to request a withdrawal.


Coinspaid is a robust payment gateway that accepts Bitcoin as well as more than 30 other digital assets. They provide a crypto-based invoicing system that is simple and secure, with neither party taking on any exchange rate risk. Users simply pay in crypt and a merchant receives an equal amount in their chosen fiat currency instantly. Coinspaid also supports recurring payments which is a very useful feature to have.


Coinsbank is a payment gateway that allows payments via Bitcoin and supports the major fiat currencies, with a free app available for Android and iOs. The app includes a one click instant deposit and withdrawal feature. This feature is super helpful for traders dealing with large volumes. Another cool feature is that the platform lets users transfer currency to family and friends for free. All transactions on Coinsbank are made at live market rates that gives users greater control over their money.


eziMoon is the latest platform to feature a crypto-based payment gateway. eziMoon is doing things differently though! The payment gateway on this online marketplace will actually allow users to pay in part crypto and part cash. This is the first time a payment gateway will allow split payments of this nature, with the closest other platforms have come is allowing split payments of a single currency to multiple wallets.